Cracker Barrel Pit Stop :)

My family loves a road trip. My family loves a road trip even more when we make a stop at a Cracker

So on a recent road trip to visit a college for my older son,we were delighted to see that sign in the sky. Even the baby was curious to check it out. We sat down for lunch and ordered some of our favorites.We stuffed ourselves with chicken dumplings, biscuits with apple butter and some fun grilled sandwiches and of course big glasses of sweet tea to wash it all down.


The baby tried everything and seemed to love Cracker Barrel as much as the rest of us.

We finished up lunch and headed into the store where the older two stocked up on candy and I checked out all the fun kitchen stuff.

In my opinion, it just isn’t a road trip without a good old Cracker Barrel pit stop!!



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