The 1st to Leave the Nest.

Not quite sure how I got here, but last week we packed up our first born and headed off to college.  My son Sean is a true pleasure in my life. He always knows how to make me laugh with his witty comments and is great at giving a hug when you need it the most.  Don’t get me wrong he’s a teenager and can try my patience with the best of them, but I truly love him to bits.


 Even though, we had looked at a bunch of colleges, waited eagerly for acceptance letters, made the decision and shopped for everything he needed. I just couldn’t believe that we were bringing him to live in another state without me.


Found this picture and I think it best explained how I was feeling. So many questions and worries were going through my head. What if he gets sick? What if he gets hurt? Will he remember to take his vitamins? Will he make healthy choices? Who will wake him up? Will he ever do laundry? I hope he makes friends!! The list goes on and on.

photo 3-2

 Anyway, we arrived at his university and immediately went into move- in mode and I tried my best to put all my crazy mommy worries aside.

photo 5-2

I don’t know what came over me, but at soon as we entered his room I needed it to be all set up and just perfect for him. Not everyone felt the same way, which led to a few tense moments 😉 But all was good.

photo 1-2

I know it will never look like this again.

photo 2-2

But I was very thankful that he let me put it all together, so that when I left him I would feel that he was all set up.  We then met his roommate and actually after they unpacked, we all went out to lunch which I thought  was such a great way to get their relationship started . When we got back we could tell that he was getting kind of antsy, so we knew it would soon be time to leave.

photo 3

I still had some mommy duties that I needed to fulfill, so we headed off to the post office to set up his mailbox and to the bookstore to find the books he needed for class.

It was now time to say good-bye. :(

photo 4

He walked us to the parking garage to say our goodbyes. We gave hugs and kisses and told him to remember to text and call us.  I just stood there as he walked back to his dorm room and couldn’t believe how many different feelings were going through me at the same time. I was so proud and happy for him, but yet I wanted to pack him all up and drive him right back home.

photo 5When we finally got home I was so exhausted from all the jumbled up feelings I felt all day, but when I found this on my pillow it made it all worth it!!!

Love You Seanie!!




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